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Thread: Denver tornado

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    Default Denver tornado

    Hey CO folks, how is everybody doing? Sounds like the sky is falling out there! Hope everyone is safe.
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    Default Re: Denver tornado

    Those of us in the mountains are safe, but I feel for the folks out in the Greeley-Ft. Collins area. Apparently a lot of the town of Windsor was hit hard.

    Thanks for the thoughts. That reminds me -- I need to see if Leonora is OK; she lives out that way.
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    Thanks to Al & Wayne for checking in with us! We are fine. We got quarter-sized hail off and on for a while, but no tornado.

    The cell that went through Windsor was up to 1 mile wide. We don't usually get such super-cells in this area. There is some tragic damage in that little town but no loss of life reported so far. One person did get killed by the storm, but I don't know how.

    It looks a bit dicy out there again and I am hearing thunder so we may be in for a wild night.

    I'm make sure to strap in my carboys!

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