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Thread: carboy concern

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    dmerrick Gotmead Visitor

    Default carboy concern

    ok im a total noob and need help
    following joes ancient orange for my first one using the one gallon carboy
    and i was wondering how to seal it.
    i was looking online and they have the carboys that have these for lids and wondering if thats ok
    carboy i was looking at-
    lid i was looking at-
    i was looking at but they dont accept paypal, so if you have a site that you like that is appreciated as well.

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    Default Re: carboy concern

    Hey dmerrick


    As to your question:
    where are you int he brewing process right now?
    Do you mean (a) how to seal it after you mix together ingredients and yeast?
    or do you mean (b) how to seal it after it is finished and you are waiting to drink it?

    if you are starting a brew, once you put together ingredients and yeast you should put it under airlock and bung, available at you Local Home Brew Shop or here and here on the web by credit or debit card.

    If you want to age your brew, you should transfer it to a new 1 gallon jug to get it off of the lees (the thick cake of dead yeast etc at the bottom of your jug) and put it under airlock again. That will be enough to keep the air out to allow it to age. You could also bottle it in wine or beer bottles, though I transfer mine at least once first to keep yeast out of my brew. If you want to just drink it from the jug, then I suppose there's no problem with capping your one gallon carboy and sluggin from the jug like Carlo Rosse.

    Check out the Newbee guide it'll help you get a handle on the process.
    Hope that helps.

    Go On, Take The Honey and Run

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    Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think you're asking how to seal the carboy after you mix together the ingredients and add the yeast. If that's the case then:

    Don't use a screw-on cap!! The pressure of the carbon dioxide from the yeast will build up inside your glass carboy and burst it. You need something that will release the pressure, but keep air and germs out of your mead.

    Almost all homebrewers use an airlock (also called: bubbler or air trap) and a drilled stopper (also called drilled bung, universal bung, universal stopper etc.) for this. Here are those items on the website you linked to in your first post:

    You just stick the airlock in the stopper, and stick the stopper in the top of the carboy (after sanitizing them, of course). Then you fill the airlock half way with water. Once the yeast gets going, you will see the carbon dioxide bubbling out of the water in the airlock. I highly recommend the two websites that Wolfie posted. I have used both of them, and they were great.

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    dmerrick Gotmead Visitor

    Default Re: carboy concern

    ok thank you, i had read the newbie guide and i remembered that as soon as yousaid that, and now this is what i have ordered:
    Airlock S-Bubble type
    Airlock 3 piece type
    (^didn't know which was better^)
    6.5 Gallon glass carboy(looking to do a more advanced newbie 5 gallon recipe)
    Rubber Stopper- Size 6- Drilled(for 1 gallon jug)
    Small Universal Carboy Bung- Drilled(for 6.5 gallon carboy)
    1 Gallon glass Jug
    Nylon Boiling bag- 8 1/2" x 9 1/2"
    Universal pH Paper(figure why not =/)
    Sunleaves Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
    5' 3/8" Siphon Tubing- per foot(picked 3/8" randomly)
    3/8" Curved Racking Cane-24" length( was told was great to have again 3/8" was random)

    any questions concerns comment etc let me know items should be here by friday and hopefully im gonna start J.A.O. by monday

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    dmerrick Gotmead Visitor

    Default Re: carboy concern


  6. Default Re: carboy concern

    Equipment looks good, although you should get a hydrometer, too, and a 5-gal glass carboy to use as a secondary (less headspace).

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    Default Re: carboy concern

    The Auto Siphon and Antifoam drops are essential as far as I am concerned. They will make mead making much easier.
    Lanne pase toujou pi bon
    (Past years are always better)

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