I took a pilgrimage to the Florida Renaissance festival, and it was warm and sunny and I found myself desiring refreshing beverages. So I strolled up to the booth thinking a nice cool mead would be pleasant to sip in the shade. But lo, to my dismay, the only mead available - Chaucer's.

Now I have nothing against Chaucer's, it is a very sweet mead that can be tasty at times, but with all the other commercial meads out there now, it seems like there should be something else. There were several wines and beers to choose from, but one lone mead.

After careful consideration, I took a pint of Warsteiner figuring a pilsner would be better. I decided I'm going to write to the management company and ask them to find some alternatives - maybe they don't realize that better mead exists.

On another sad note, BeeFolks did not have a booth this year. I was looking forward to finding some good honeys without shipping costs. Oh well..... At least the weather was great, and the shows were fun.