1) Added 6L of room temp tap water to primary
2) Blended (using an immersion blender) approx 10lbs of sour cherries (previously frozen/thawed twice)
3) Added blended cherries to primary
4) Boiled and cooled 7L of water to approx 130F
5) Stirred and dissolved 14.5lbs of honey into 130F water
6) Heated 1L of water to ~160F and added to honey bucket to get all the goodness out
7) Added honey mixtures to primary – total volume approx 22L
Stage1 nutrient addition: Dissolved a little more than 1tsp of each DAP and Fermaid-K into 1L of warm water and added to must
9) Added additional 3L of water to must – total volume ~ 26L or 6.5 gallons
10) Rehydrated 10g of Go-ferm in 110F water. Added 8g D47 yeast once cooled to 104F and let sit for 15 minutes.
11) Stirred must vigorously for 5 minutes
12) Pitched yeast - must temp 78F, yeast temp 82F.
13) Stirred must vigorously for 5 minutes
14) Stir for approx 5mins 2x daily and check SG every 24hrs:

Day1 - Mar 24 - 12pm
Gravity: 1.102 - Must temp: 78F Room temp: 60F

Day2 - Mar 25 - 6pm
Gravity: 1.102 - Must temp: 62F Room temp: 60F -> moved from basement upstairs to ~ 66-70F room temp.

Day3 - Mar 26 - 8pm
Gravity: 1.098 - Must temp: 70F Room temp: 69F. Tested with pH strip - somewhere around 3.0.

Unfortunately the pH strips are not all that accurate but my current pH level is somewhere around 3. Should I be adding something to it to try and bring it a little closer to 4?

Any other suggestions based on my procedure so far?