I was given a Black rock Cider kit, and was considering trying to use it to make a cyser. The kit is basically a can of cider-apple concentrate (mfgr claims it's from cider apples...), and a 7gm pkt of ADY labelled "cider Yeast".

According to the Mfgrs website, the concentrate along w 1 kg of sugar will yield an ABV of approx 4.5%, and by the Mead Calc this would indicate the concentrate is approx 65% sugar. I want to have a dry cyser with an ABV of around 8%. If I have the numbers right I should need about 2.5kg of honey, replacing the sugar, and adding honey to bring the ABV to 8.

So.... This is my tentative spiced cyser recipe:

Batch size: 23 litres

2.5 kg Alfalfa/clover honey (unpasturized)
1.7 kg cider apple concentrate (Black Rock cider kit)
3 cinnamon sticks.
2 Vanilla Beans
1 tsp ground allspice powder

Approx OG should be 1.060.

Now here is where I need the advice of more-experienced heads that I...

1. YEAST? Should I stick with the kit yeast ADY "Cider Yeast", or use a wine yeast such as D47, 71B, etc...

A) If I stick with the included yeast, should I still rehydrate w GoFerm, not knowing what yeast is
actually in the packet?

B) If I stick w. the included yeast, is it best to stick with the cider-kit's recommended temp (21-24C), or go with a lower temp?

2. Are any additional nutrients needed, or will the apple juice supply enough?
I have DAP, Fermaid-K, and generic "energizer available.

3. Would dark toast oak be a good complement to a cyser?