Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and also to mead making, just started fermenting my first jugs (one 5 L jug and two 2 L bottles, actually) yesterday. I have a doubt about the homemade airlock I made following instructions of various sites on the internet: I carved a little hole on the caps of the jugs and put a 20" (50cm) tube in it, then put the other extremity of the tube inside a container full of water. Did I make it right, or must I do something else? The mead is making a lot of very small bubbles and a little noise when I approach my ears to it, but I haven't seen any bubbles in the water of the container yet. I was thinking of sealing it with some duct tape tomorrow, to really prevent any air from coming in (I'm a little afraid the holes I made in the caps were too big). Oh, and just for information's sake, I used ordinary bread yeast (four 10 grams packs) with one egg's white as nutrient.

I just took some photos and a small video of it, take a look and tell me what you think: