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Thread: Hops honey

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    I didn't want to post this in the "ingredients" section, because even if I were to find some, I doubt I would use any for a traditional mead (perhaps a braggot) but just out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen or tasted hop blossom honey?

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    Hmm, guess I never pictured bees frequenting hops plants. They don't have flowers. I suppose they could dig around in the cones, but your not going to find any sweet nectar there, just extremely bitter resin.

    I guess it could exist...I've never heard of it. /shrug

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    Hmmm...., good question Ben. I've grown LOTs of hops but I've never seen a bee on them. Never! Lady bugs, aphids, etc., but never bee. There is a HUGE layer of pollen but I've never seen a bee attracted.
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