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    Default Mead Day with B. Nektar and Ken Schramm

    Well, we're celebrating our 1 year anniversary of B. Nektar Meadery on Mead Day. And this year, we've got a great line-up of events planned.

    There will be mead making demonstrations by Yo Momma, a talk by Ken Schramm on varietal honeys, live music, and BBQ pulled pork with a variety of mead/honey BBQ sauces. And of course, plenty of mead to drink.

    I've attached a flyer.

    I hope anyone that's near us can attend. For those that can't, please celebrate by sharing your love of mead with a friend.
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    I'll be far away, in Monterey for the Scottish Games. We'll be saying goodbye to my son as he heads to Norway for grad school, and yes, we'll be toasting his success with mead.

    I hope people will post some photos!



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    I do so wish that I could have been there! My excuse is that I was doing plumbing repairs in Da YooP for my folks at their cabin.
    David Baldwin
    Michigan Meadery LLC

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