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    Default Happy Mead Day!!!

    Hi All,

    Hope everyone has a great Mead Day! I will be making a traditional mead with some local white vetch honey given to me by the state bee inspector. What's everyone else doing for mead day? Would love to hear about it.


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    OMG! It's Mead Day! Damn I was caught unaware again. How did that thing sneak up on me like that? Happy Mead Day everyone! I'm unfortunately not able to start a batch today as I have three already cookin' and I'm out of fermenters. But I hope everyone who has a chance to make a new batch to share with friends will do so. What channel is the Mead Day parade on? Can't wait to watch the Mead Bowl today. Anyone know who's in it this year? Oh well. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mead Day this year. Take a picture of your fermenting mead and put it up on the site. Let's celebrate our 2009 Mead Day right!


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    I'll just be drinking some mead in honor of mead day.

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    I'm Going to bottle my Joes grape mead, start my first traditional, and try to figure out whats happening with my blueberry batch today.
    Oh and I will drink a JOA that was made on 3-21-09.
    Happy mead day


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    I am taste-testing my Yeast Test batches with some friends. I'm also trying to figure out what to do with these tomatillos from our new CSA. So far, all I can think of is salsa (not a bad thing, but rather uninspired). Would nectarine go with tomatillo? I have some of those that need to be eaten too.

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    Default Mead day

    Started a triple "Black Plum" variant (addition of 2# of plums) batch of Wayne's "Occult Noir" and a 6 gal Blueberry/mixberry experiment.

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