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    -Recently, my dad topped this off with some Trader Joe's Blueberry-Pomegranate juice. We tasted the aronia berry wine today to see how it is progressing. Wow! It has come a long way. I credit a lot of the new flavor profile to the pomegranate. It added just enough tartness that the drink was actually pretty good. I must say, had this been made with blueberries and not aronia berries, this would be a great drink.
    If I could time travel, I'd probably use it to see how my brews were doing in the future.

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    Not sure how valuable it is to resurrect this dead thread, but I was recently searching for an aronia wine recipe, and thought I'd chip in in case anyone else stumbles in here looking for the same. After doing a bunch of research, my recommendation for anyone looking to use these things in a brew is to steam distill or otherwise cook the berries first.

    I recently bought three clamshell quarts of black aronia in a burst of unwarranted enthusiasm, only to find that they were, indeed, as dry and bitter as I'd been told. I felt silly until it struck me that I'd always found vegetables more palatable while cooked (and why not berries?); so I mortar-and-pestled a handful of berries with a tsp. or so of five-spice powder, and ran it through my coffee maker. The result was this lovely blackfruit-tasting tea with just a hint of earthy cinnamon and cloves: to be honest, I'm kind of addicted now.

    I say this because it lends more credence to the above aronia wine recipe, which recommends steam-juicing the fruits. I can't find the link anymore, but I read online somewhere about a guy in Quebec doing similarly; my intent is to try this out myself as soon as the store selling 'em opens back up after Labor Day.

    Anyone looking to try an aronia mead might be interested here, though it calls for aronia concentrate as well as fresh berries.

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