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  1. Default My first Mead experience

    My name is David. I'm from utah. Here we don't really have that many options for mead. Actually I've never even heard of it, till my friend introduced me to it. He got a bottle of it from california, where is friend Sally lives. Sally and her husband are in the SCA, and have a friend by the name of Joe. It is from this same Joe that Sally got this mead from. It is this same mead, from Joe, that was my first mead.
    In utah, chaucers is the only commercial mead you can buy. It pales in comparison, and I will not buy another chaucers. So I decided to start making by own. In hopes that I can make a mead that is better than chaucers at least. I do not know if this same Joe frequents these forums, not sure my luck is that good, I have to say thank you. Because of you, I know what good mead tastes like, because of you, I'm in the persuit of making my own. Thank You Joe. You may have created a monster. lol

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    Enjoy the obsessio.... uhh, make that pastime (yeah, that's it; pastime) David!

    While I am not promoting any set of beliefs, the Utah Pagans Mead Page may be worth checking out for info and links to honey. You may find some other mead makers as well.

    Good Mazing!
    Lanne pase toujou pi bon
    (Past years are always better)

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    Thank you, I have never seen that link before. I'm currently reading it.

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    There are pagans in Utah?

    Do we live in a great country, or what? The Bill of Rights ROCKS.

    Welcome, David, and have fun. I sure am, and I'm not even a imbiber!

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    Yeah, pagans in utah, I'm as shocked as you, lol. But then again, there is a diversity here that was not expected when I first moved here 8 years ago.

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    On the Utah Pagans page at the end of the JOA recipe they say try it with a little cream on top. Anyone ever tried this? Maybe heat it up this winter and top with cream!!! We should have a section for just mead drink recipes. Or there is probably one already in which case I will be kindly reminded of it and the search function . I would love to hear about some of the concoctions everyone has come up with for drinking and cooking with meads. My raspberry mel and ginger ale on ice was a big hit around here.


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    I found this page on the Woodstone Creek Meadery website. Some of it looks pretty tasty.

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