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    Default $20/carboy on Craigslist

    I decided to scan Craigslist last night and came upon a post with someone offering 5gal carboys with handles for $20 each, and he wrote me back saying he has seven left. I have a limited amount of space in my car, but I was thinking about picking up at least 2, maybe 4.

    Isn't $20 a pretty good deal on glass carboys now? I haven't bought any since I heard they shut down that glass factory in Mexico...

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    $20 each, assuming they are in good shape, was a good price even before the Mexican carboy plant shut down. I think you've found a deal!
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    Craigslist has been the best local hookup on cheap home fermenting equipment for my friends and I, aside from knowing the secret handshake at the LHBS.
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