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    I went to a used book store today and ran across a pretty cool old book. It's called 'Winemaking at Home' by Homer Hardwick. What's cool about it is it was written in 1954, and has 220 old recipes in it ! Ofcourse, they are wine recipes but I look forward to playing with a bunch of them, using honey in place of the sugar etc... alot of interesting stuff. The other info in the book may be out dated, but for 3 dollars I could'nt pass it up.
    It does make mention of 3 'honey wine' recipes. Other than that it runs the spectrum... from several tree sap wines to onion wine, ( Onion wine ? ) and everything in between.

    Anyway, I thought it was cool...

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    Hee hee, the most recent winemaking book I've read myself is "The Art of Making Wine" by Stanley F. Anderson and Raymond Hull in 1968, printed in Canada by the Alger Press Limited (yeah, I've never heard of them either). A little outdated, but the recipes should work out just fine if they're tweaked a little for modern procedures. Who ever follows a recipe to the letter anyways? Certainly not me!
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