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    Being new to this I was wondering if any one has had this happen.
    New batch 1 qt. honey 3 qt. water yeast nutrient yeast energizer.I made a Hibiscus tea with 1T. hibiscus 2 c. water 1 d47 yeast mixed all together and away it went all was well good fermentation so after 10 days I racked into secondary adding two cups of Hibiscus tea .After two days no more bubbles and it was almost clear .Does anyone know what is up ? Should I bottle it or what??
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    The best thing to do is take a gravity reading.
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    Yes, take a measurement, then prepair to wait - it will go through a LOT more clearing before it's good to bottle, or else you'll end up with a lot of sediment in the bottles.

    Measurement is the most important thing though, otherwise you'll never be sure it's safe to bottle.

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