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    Default looking for local honey? try this i use this service myself as a beekeeper and have people call me for swarms and such. you can also use it to find a beekeeper to buy honey from

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    Hard to believe there's nobody even close to me!

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    130 miles is the closest to me. But I knew that already. 99 percent of goods I obtain are via online ordering. I got my last 3 new vehicles online. That is the cost of living in the middle of nowhere.

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    Not a very good service. Doesn't work if the beekeepers don't sign up. Showed no beekeepers within a hundred miles.

    Most beekeepers don't need to advertize. They sell out before the next season. At least around here.
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    i agree, thay have to sign up for it to work. it is prety good for my area. if you know any local beekeepers you might mention it to them and thay could generate a few more sales or get a few more swarms

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    Thanks for the info. Have posted myself for honey.
    Never can sell out to fast

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    That's a nifty list. Thanks for posting that up.
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    your welcome. if you all need any more beekeeping related info, let me know. glad i could contribuite to the good of the forum

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