I am about 2 1/2 weeks into primary fermentation on my first batch of mead and when checking it the other day I noticed that one side of the carboy has lots of visible bubbling but the other side is releativly still with on a stray bubble hear or there. I have made homemade wine once before and the CO2 bubbles seemed to be evenly distributed througout the must. Any idea why this might be happening? There is alot of activity in the carboy and the airlock is still bubbling away every 3 to 5 seconds so the fermentation seems to be going fine but it just seems odd.

Brew is:

16-17 pounds of clover honey harvested from a friends hive.

About 4 gallons of spring water filling in the rest of the 5 gallon carboy.

1.5 cups of raisins for yeast nutrition.

10 ozs dark brewed Darjeeling tea for tannins

1 pack of Wyeast Dry mead yeast.

I don't know the original gravity as I just bought my hydrometer a week after this was started and I havent wanted to crack it open to take a reading at this point since its still seems to be carrying right along.

Thanks in advance for any help.