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    Good Morning:
    I have enjoyed my short time on this list and am looking forward to gaining much valuable information. My question is in regard to viewing the posts. They are in the order of last to first. I see the options in the right corner which flips them around; but only a few of them. The rest are at the top, but I can only get them down one at a time. This takes awhile. Is there any way to flip from first post to last post at the end. It would make reading the posts easier. Thank for your help.


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    Hey there TW, welcome to GotMead!

    It's a pretty simple fix, just not straight forward to find. Click on "User CP" at the top of the page. Then, scroll down to a link on the left side of the page that says "Edit Options". This will take you through everything you can do to customize your experience on here. Specifically, scroll down to the section labeled "Thread Options" or something like that, and you get the option to view the threads in whatever order suits you.

    Hope that helps, and again, welcome aboard!
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    It's an option you can set in the User CP... It's good to have it first showing first, when you're just reading things for the first time (I did that too) but once you start posting, you'll find that it's better to have the latest posts at the top/start... Makes for less digging when the thread hits multiple pages...

    You can also set how many posts before it pushes to another page (like 40 then page 2, 3, etc.)...

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    Answered my own question. I see it there at the top of the intro page. Sorry to have asked the question. So much to read; just missed that one.

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    Thank you for the replies. I see that the posts have to be approved before they are posted. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I think that you may be right after I have read through the wealth of information, to keep the newest at the top. Lots of really smart people on here. Hope it rubs off on me!!! Thanks again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hillhousehoney View Post
    I see that the posts have to be approved before they are posted.
    Only your first few... just so we can make sure that you're not a spammer.

    BTW - I see that you're in Iowa. I've had the unique pleasure of having spent most of the past 6 months in and around Iowa City (although I'm back home for the time being), and it is likely I'll be heading back sometime between now and Christmas. We're planning on setting up a little impromptu tasting of some of my meads with some folks at the University. Are you, 1) anywhere near that end of the state, and 2) interested in attending? If so, then send me a PM with your contact info and I'll let you know when I'm headed back.
    Na zdrowie!

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