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    Default 2011 New Years Brewing Resolutions...

    1) Take and record gravity readings for my meads and beers

    2) Try experimenting more with oak in a couple of small batches of mead

    3) Try to work on my sensory perceptions and vocabulary in regards to smelling, and tasting meads and beers ...

    All stuff that I should have been doing for a while anyway. ;-)
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    1) Start brewing beer

    2) Ditto skunkboy's #2

    3) Start my planned yeast test for Lalvin yeasts

    Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!!
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    1) Learning more about the brewing-process of mead, wine and bear (hey I'm a beginner!).
    2) Experimenting with different techniques.
    3) Brewing a beer.

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    1. Make more Mead (it's the only way I know to make better mead)
    2. Practice more blending.
    3. Make some braggots.

    Happy New Year all!
    Lanne pase toujou pi bon
    (Past years are always better)

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    1) Make more mead

    2) Make better mead

    3) Start a mead journal to record my progress to learn from my mestakes and for future reference for recipes for myself and others

    anyone know of a good leather no-lines journal?

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    1. Make more mead.

    2. Drink more mead.

    3. See above.
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    1. drink some of my first mead batch
    2. make enough more so I don't run dry
    3. finish digging the cellar so I can have a properly fitted out meadery
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    1) Make more mead (continue focusing on traditionals to get a solid handle on the fundamentals)

    2) Make one wine

    3) Make a braggot

    4) I just read Brew Like a Monk, and I have to brew some Belgian beers now too.

    Quote Originally Posted by darthbooger View Post
    anyone know of a good leather no-lines journal?
    I enjoy Moleskine journals...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiguire View Post
    4) I just read Brew Like a Monk, and I have to brew some Belgian beers now too.
    I can only root for that!

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    I'll second Medsen's "more blending". Did one today, so that's a good start.

    I would like to go to the Mazer Cup and drink good mead.
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    1) Be more diligent about covering my basement's carboys, even if it’s just with a heavy black trash bag.
    2) Make more experimental one gallon batches.
    3) Have more wine/mead tastings. Expand the number of tasters/contributors.
    4) Enter a competition or two.
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    1.) Make a mead every month
    2.) Explore different types of mead ( melomel, pyment, ect.)
    3.) Improve quality, and technique
    4.) Network with mead makers in community (Maryland, Elkridge)

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    I was getting tired of making New Year resolutions only to break them. So this year I resolved to make no resolutions...dang there goes another one.

    Oh well here goes...

    Start bee hives for my own honey...

    Make more batches than last year...

    Make a big batch (10 gal or bigger)...

    Make a few traditionals.
    “Give a man a beer, waste an hour. Teach a man to brew, and waste a lifetime!”

    slàinte mhath

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    I don't generally make resolutions either, but I do want to get to bottling the ones I have that I think are ready. Going to have to wait a month or so at least, though.

    I'd love to go the Mazer Cup, too, Aaron!

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    1. Take better notes.
    2. Improve methods to reduce oxidation (My 1 gallon batches are showing signs)
    3. No more "Can I put that in a mead?" batches in 2011. Do full sized (will help with above), mostly proven (by myself or trusted others) batches.
    4. Plant raspberries

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    • Post more brewlogs to Got Mead.
    • Start another black currant mead this summer (we're almost out of the first batch we did)
    • Buy more racks to store all the mead.

    We'll do a bunch of meads this year but the black currant is the only one I'm completely committed to. All others are open to discussion.

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    1) Bottle the batches that have been ready for months.
    2) Finish data entry on inventory of bottled wine in storage.
    3) Drink more wine from storage to make more room and also see how things are aging out.
    4) Update inventory information every time I add or remove a bottle from storage.
    5) Make another batch of black currant wine because I just tried the stuff I made a couple years ago and damn, it's good!
    6) Next honey purchase, go for the 5-gal pail and decant it myself into smaller jars.
    7) Finish moving the winery to the basement!
    8 ) Following #7 and ONLY following # 7, turn the freezer full of fruit into wine or mead.
    9) Independent of #7, make pumpkin mead/wine before the pumpkins in the garage either freeze or go bad...

    Aww crud, and I'd planned not to make any resolutions this year yay for enablers!
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    To never let dust collect on my corker or my bottle opener.

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