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    Default Mead Schedule for 2011

    12/31/10: Black Chaspberry

    1/11: Vanilla Cherry
    2/11: Strawberry Banana
    3/11: Pineapple
    4/11: Multi-Berry
    5/11: Traditional Sweet
    6/11: Peach
    7/11: Apple Cinnamon
    8/11: Vanilla Mocha
    11/11: Pumpkin
    12/11: Cyser

    4/12: Braggot

    May do try some dry meads, metheglins, and maybe a sparkling depending on the time and money I have after making the above.

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    Sounds delicious. Are they all going to be 1 gallon batches?

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    I was actually planning on making them 5 gallon batches, but that may and probally will change

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    Looks like a lot of mead, and a lot of fun.

    Dry sparkling meads can be very nice, thinking of which, I should really make some more of those .... ;-)
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    Wow, I wish I had good enough temperatures to support fermentations throughout the summer! Even with the AC going to make it 68-70, it's on the high end for most yeasts, and the increase in the bucket caused by the ferment itself seems to end things up around 74 degrees. In my experience, just a little too high for a non-fusel ferment. I'm going to add more ventilation in the attic this summer, maybe I'll be able to more efficiently keep the temperature a little lower.
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    Yeah its funny because in the winter, my bedroom upstairs is the warmest room wich allows me to keep the mead at a decent temperature in the winter but in the summer I have to move everything down into the basement ... it is actually pretty cold in my basement during the summer

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