Hi gang!!

It is time for the 3rd annual Mazer Cup International, the largest mead competition in the world (we are pretty sure, LOL).

It will be held March 31-April 2, 2011. The commercial competition is Friday, April 1, and the Home Competition is on April 2. Friday April 1 is the 2nd Annual Winners Circle Public tasting and food pairing, which was a big hit last year, featuring the gold medal winners from the 2009 commercial competition.

The competition will once again be in Boulder, CO at the Outlook Hotel and will have:
  • Home competition (over 200 entries last year)
  • Commercial competition (over 100 entries last year)
  • Friday night Winners Circle food pairing with 2010 Gold Medal commercial winners (tickets available on the website)
  • BJCP Mead Judging Certification Test

The Winners Circle tasting and food pairing was a HUGE success last year, and the 50 tickets we let out for sale were gone in less than a week. Reviews ranged from 'great' to 'freakin fantastic', and we fully expect the tickets this year to sell even quicker. We are commissioning custom tasting glassware to take with you as a memento of this great opportunity to taste the best commercial meads in the world.

We will be moving the event to a larger room and will have more tickets available. We will announce here on Gotmead when they go on sale, but keep an eye on the website at http://www.mazercup.com for them to open up so you can get yours.

Medals will be awarded to the first 3 places in commercial competition, and custom handmade mazers go to the winners in the home competition.

There will be an awards ceremony on Saturday night (competition entrants and guests only), and of course, all the delights of Boulder await you! (including some seriously excellent breweries).

Join the biggest mead event in the world! Join us in the Mazer Cup International!

Visit our website at http://www.mazercup.com for more details, entry information and photos from previous years.