Here in California it used be that you could get 2 different kinds of Apple Juice in 1 Gallon glass bottles that were perfect for brewing in.

Both 365 (which is whole foods private labeled apple juice) and Santa Cruz apple juice came in one gallon bottles that had large openings which were great in that fruit and other additions were much easier to get in and out. In addition carboy caps fit over them very nicely which makes racking easier and avoids all oxidation.

However 365 has switched to 1 Gallon jugs with the smaller opening, the same as a one gallon wine bottle. Even worse Santa Cruz switched to 3 qt bottles, and left the pricing the same as it was for the 1 gallon without ever telling anyone. If you want to see highway robbery Amazon still sells 3 bottles for $45 or so, 2.25 gallons for the same jacked up price they used to get for 3 gallons.

So Iíve started complaining to every whole food store I go into about this, it all falls on deaf ears. So if everyone of us (at least those of us in the US) started complaining and calling the offices of both Santa Cruz and Whole Foods, who knows maybe we could get at least one of them to change back.