About two and half months ago I brewed up my first mead, a JAOM. I followed it perfectly, and all seemed to work great. It cleared so beautifully about 2 to 3 weeks ago but was still bubbling so i decided to put the bottling off until now, my spring break. So I moved the jug to where I was gonna bottle from and stirred up a lot of the lees. I had it fermenting in our basement for the first two months (60 degrees or so). I then moved it upstairs where it's about 75 degrees. Now my question is, is it safe to bottle? Small bubbles are still being formed in the mead. My gut tells me it's degassing from the temp change and whatnot, but I'm a noob, so looking for some input. And I know, I should check with my hydrometer but I dont have one haha Thanks for any help!