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Chevette: hmm...that's actually a good idea. Except for the country wine. I'd rather drink directly from the toilet. I don't like coffee either
If you're ever in Ottawa (yeah, I know, about as much chance as me coming to Oslo), come by for some of my red currant wine, it kicks SO much ass you'll forgive it for not having honey in it. The black currant wine too, for that matter... I got into fruit wines because I don't care for grape wines and I like making things out of local harvests, and one can only make and eat so much jam and jelly, and I've found that a lot of fruits completely cover the taste of the honey, which is why I suggested it, there have been times when sampling my wares where I had to go back to my log book to figure out if I'd used honey or sugar before I started labelling them as such, I really couldn't tell.