Racked my first batch of mead over the weekend. It was a variation of JAO:

2 lbs Sue Bee Raw honey
25 Sun-Maid Raisins
Distilled water (balance of 1 gallon)
1 Navel Orange

Yeast: Red Star Active Dry (5g)

Started: 2/27/11
Racked: 3/26/11

Took a month to rack because it took that long for my equipment to get here. I couldn't find food-grade tubing to siphon here in the Philippines (can I use any tubing as long as I sterilize it)?

It tasted kinda like fizzy orange juice. I could feel the alcohol burn/bite on my tongue. I know that from the amount of honey it'll turn out to be fairly dry. Is that normal after a first ferment?

I'm planning to make a fruit mead and I'm also going to be using yeast nutrient and energizer. When the instructions say 1 tsp/gallon, is this one heaping teaspoon or leveled off like a measuring spoon (or does it matter)?