...and forgot the camera. Ah well.

For such a foreboding name, it sure was mild (even cold!). Our "rain in the desert" streak remains unbroken, as it drizzled on us Saturday night. Temps in the valley hit a balmy 75 F (normal this time is around 90), and our camp in the neighboring valley at ~5000 ft was 36 F in the morning (normal in the 50s). Awesome stars and sunrise though! A morning hike in Mosaic canyon found several puddles , and the pupfish were engaging in adult activity with gusto.

Favorite parts: no people! ridiculous quiet (my ears are so loud!), pull-off-here-and-camp, clear night skies (stars upon stars!), and geology run amok.

Least favorites: dry air, $5+/gallon gas, and did you know there is a golf course in the middle of Death Valley? WTF?

What did you do this past weekend?