If you are going to post your scoresheet results from any competition please be sure to:

  1. Contact judges via email and ask permission to post their names before doing so, it is common courtesy.
  2. If you have a beef with a judges opinion, take it up with them privately. Any posts that challenge the validity of judges scores or comments will be summarily deleted, and the poster will be given an infraction.
  3. Be accurate when you post comments and be sure to use quotes so that the readers are aware you are quoting something written by the judges.
  4. State the category, and sub-category in which the mead was entered along with sweetness level, carbonation level (still, petillant, sparkling) and strength of the mead you are discussing.
  5. Again, please be respectful of judges' privacy if they do not want to be named, don't do so, and don't try to turn this forum into a bully-pulpit. It is inappropriate and will not be tolerated.

Remember that judges volunteer their free time and go out of pocket for transportation, lodging, meals and other travel expenses. If you are abusive they can always decide there is a better way to spend their hard earned money and free time. We have a good group of judges that have been coming to the Mazer Cup International as well as the MeadFest before that.

We want that group to grow and flourish as the MCI grows in order to have enough judges for our competition. If you chase them away, the competition will follow.

Cheers and thank you for your cooperation,