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    Hello everyone,

    Ok so I made my first batch of JAOM back last year following the recipe to the letter. Racked to clean secondary when fermentation was finshed and bulk aged about 3 months, botted it and waited around 2 weeks to open a bottle. Sorry I couldnt wait any longer to try it out. Good flavor and smell but so dang sweet i couldnt finish a glass. So my question is is most JAOM this sweet? If so I may skip making anymore and maybe lean toward a medium sack mead. The JAOM is probly gonna end up as wine for grilling at this point. Will give the other 3 bottles time to age but at this point it hurts my teeth to drink it.

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    JAO is a sweet mead, but usually there's enough orange/spice/pith going on to balance it so that it isn't cloying (though taste buds do vary). You didn't by chance take a gravity reading did you? It could be it ended sweeter than normal.

    Or it could be you just prefer dry meads - if so, you'll find you're in good company around here.
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    After nearly a year, mine has loss a lot of its coying sweetness. Oaked and served cold helps. I'm still not sure about making more, but the stuff just keeps getting better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brytodd View Post
    Hello everyone,

    Ok so I made my first batch of JAOM back last year following the recipe to the letter... Racked to clean secondary when fermentation was finished...

    Quote Originally Posted by JAO recipe
    Racking -- Don't you dare!
    I'm sorry, but this kind of thing just never gets old!

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    Have fun, as you said, it becomes great to cook with if nothing else.

    I made 3 exact batches a couple of months ago. One with 3.5 lbs, one with 3 lbs and one with 2.5 lbs. (all total volume 1 Gallon)

    When consumed straight, our club split about 60-40 in preferences of the 3.0 to 2.5 version. Only one person preferred the 3.5

    However when I added some chocolate and roasted peppers to it most preferred the 3.5 lb version.

    So experiment and see what you like. That is one of the beauties of JAO is it is fast enough to play with.


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    What was the FG?

    Did you wait for it to clear before racking or just until bubbling had stopped?

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    Yeah, it's possible it tastes very cloying if you didn't leave it on the orange for long enough... as has already been pointed out by Echostatic, racking it does deviate from the original recipe.
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