Hello all you GotMeaders!

Many of you have noticed the marked downturn in site performance over the past couple of months. It seems GotMead.Com is becoming a victim of its own growth and popularity with mead enthusiasts the world over. As a result, our current hosting solution and site configuration must change in order to cope with the increased demand by our user community.

We will be making the following changes to cope with increased demand:

  • Unregistered users will have limited access to forums and discussion threads
  • Forums with low activity will be consolidated with higher activity forums
  • GotMead.Com will be reconfigured and hosted on itís own server
  • The Forum software will be upgraded
  • The site content system software will be upgraded
  • Additional subscription levels will be offered
  • Registered user access to high traffic forums will be evaluated
  • Patron memberships will not be affected

We have a number of issues to address that are driven by increased traffic, number of connections, bandwidth, space utilization and software versions.

The hosting solution will happen immediately and all users will be affected as the site will be unavailable at times during the migration. Vicky and I will advise once we have the site stabilized and fully migrated to a more robust and stable environment.

Thank you in advance for you patience and understanding.

Vicky and Pete