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    Default Hard to believe it's been ten years...

    Some of the Sunday comics I follow brought tears to my eyes with their memorials. I won't ask where you were when you heard the news, but I am curious how it's coloured your life since.

    I just remember thinking that there's a whole new country who's just joined the ranks of others who don't feel safe within their own borders.

    If it's any comfort to anyone directly affected, my thoughts are with you today.
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    I was fortunate enough to not have been personally touched by what happened ten years ago, at least not any more than any other freedom loving person did. But it certainly has colored my life because I am much less trusting of people's motives than I used to be, and I always keep a rhetorical eye on what's behind me, just in case. It's been a sad day.

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    My brother lost a friend in the Navy at the Pentagon. I didn't know him well, met him once at their graduation. He had this really cool classic Mary Kay Pink Cadillac.

    My brother's Senior year roommate later died in a helo crash in the Persian Gulf. He was the only American on a British Sea Knight, part of an exchange program.

    My uncle was killed in Iraq a few months later. For a long time he was the highest ranking officer killed in the War, Lt. Col.

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    I was working with WW II Veterans at the time and remember going in to work, seeing their faces as they watched the TV. Horrors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAlchemist View Post
    I was working with WW II Veterans at the time and remember going in to work, seeing their faces as they watched the TV. Horrors.
    Wow, yeah that might be pretty rough I'd imagine...
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    I am a firefighter I worked 48 hours over September 11th. I'm a lot of states away from new york but I would be embarrassed to tell you how many times on that day each year my eyes well up. The massive loss of life that continues to go on while hundreds maybe thousands more are dying of cancers that are directly related to that day. the thousands of families that were destroyed. I can not even imagine the struggle of the people their that "survived" that day.

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