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Thread: First Cyser

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    Hi all,

    Been brewing mead since September, first batch is racked off the lees twice and now is just waiting to finish for bottling, second started last week. All those are doing well and I just pretty much followed a couple recipes in the Schramm book (in fact that first batch tastes perfect...but the K1V isn't quite done).

    The cyser is my first real experiment:

    @4 lbs clover honey (had less than I thought when I started the batch..wanted 6lb..)
    1 gallon honey crisp apple cider
    2 gallons fiji apple juice
    1/2lb golden raisins (would have gone a little less but making up for honey)
    2lbs light brown sugar (tried to compensate for my lack of honey)
    water to @ 4.25 gallons
    K1V-1116 with nutrients

    When I took the SP, it was right around 1.1, there was some foam no matter what I tried, so it may be a little less/more. My question is, if that reading can be believed, the K1V will laugh at it and it'll be bone dry. Can it be believed? I've heard that it's difficult to get an accurate SP reading with fruits added, so is my real potential sugar higher than that reading with the raisins or should I put in another gallon of juice or a couple pounds of honey? I'm aiming for a medium.



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    it always going to ferment it dry, unless you want 18% alcohol.

    i would leave it, let it ferment out, then clear it, stablize it and backsweeten.

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    Just be aware. You suggested adding juice. Juice has a SG of 1.080 or thereabouts. Therefor ATM, adding juice would lower your overall SG.
    If you wanted a heavier batch, start with more honey or more sugar (bleurgh - I would have used white, not brown, but that's to my tastes)
    But now that you've started, you're committed. Let the brew do what the brew will do then fiddle after.
    If you like it dry however, you could possibly bottle carbonate it, the yeast will have the oomph.
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    You could cold crash it at 1.01 or wherever you want it and then stabilize it with Kmeta and sorbate.

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