In a week or so I will be attempting a new project. I will try to make a Vanilla Spice Mead. I will be using a 6 Gallon primary bucket.
Ingredients as follows,
Vanilla bean or beans.
Cinnamon stick or sticks
Fresh ground Ginger - 1/2 tsp per Gallon
Ground Nutmeg - 1/2 tsp per Gallon
Ground Allspice - 1/2 tsp per Gallon
Clover Honey - ?
Acid blend - 1 tsp per Gallon
Pectic Enzyme - 1 tsp per Gallon
Grape Tannin - 1/4 tsp per Gallon
Yeast Nutrient - 1 tsp per Gallon
Potassium Metabisulfite - 1/8 tsp per Gallon
Lalvin EC- 1118 yeast - rehydrated

In a steel cooking pot I will boil 1 Gallon of spring water, Lower heat to simmer & add the spices & simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off heat & add honey & stir till blended. When mix reaches room temp, Add to 6 Gallon primary bucket. Add the chemicals & enough spring water to bring level up to 5 Gallons. I will use degassing tool & drill to mix & oxygenize the must. I will add one more Gallon of spring water to complete 6 Gallons & gently stir to mix. Place cover on bucket & wait 24 Hrs before pitching yeast.

Next day: I wont use a airlock, In stead I will use a Blow off tube & a 64 oz plastic juice bottle with 10 oz of water. Just in case there is an eruption.

in 2 weeks when fermentation stops or SG is 1.000 or less, I will rack into a 5 gallon carboy with airlock. Any remaining must will be racked into smaller containers with airlocks so I can use to fill in headspace in 5 gallon carboy after rackings. I will rack 1 month later & again 6 months later & continue till clear.

This is where I need input. I want a starting gravity of around 1.130
(Just below 18% Alcohol) I need to know how much honey I need
to add to the heated water for a 6 Gallon batch. It doesn't have to be
an exact number. Just a ball park figure, I can fine tune it in the bucket.

For a 6 gallon batch,
How many Vanilla beans & Cinnamon sticks do I need?

Thank You for your time.