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    Default JAOM - finish in under 2 months?

    Hi group,

    At the beginning of March, I talked a friend of mine into making a 6.5 gallon carboy of JAOM. We up-scaled everything as posted in the original recipe (took each ingredient and multiplied by 6.5).

    When we made it, before pitching the yeast, we attached a lees stirrer onto his drill and really aerated the heck out of it. After pitching the yeast, he had crazy fermentation for a few days. Finally it subsided and we topped it up with some more water.

    It's now been about 5 weeks since starting it and I spoke to him tonight and he said he already had a few oranges and raisins sitting on the bottom of his carboy. He said it was very clear and easily can read newspaper print through the carboy.

    Can JAOM finish before the stated 2 month time frame? We are going to go ahead and wait until after the 2 months before taking off the airlock and sampling/bottling it, but I was just surprised about this.

    My 1-gallon JAOM I started is right now at the 2 month mark and I just now have a few oranges starting to fall.

    I do not know the temperature in his house, but I'm guessing in the mid 70s this whole time.



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    Possibly, but giving is some time to settle is probably a good idea.
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    The time frame in the recipe is a guide. Different batches can take different amounts of time to finish i.e. to clear and the fruit too drop.

    I have yet to make a batch and find it drinkable once the fruit has dropped. Hence I usually let the fruit drop and then rack it off (taking all precautions to remove any lees that gets sucked up by the racking cane etc).

    Then I leave it to age for at least 6 months.

    That way, any bitterness from the orange pith, usually mellows/recedes allowing the other flavours to come more to the fore......

    Result = a good batch with none of the moans you read about here of the presence of bitterness.....
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    I guess it depends on how you define "finished"... if you define it as clear and fruit has dropped, ready to rack or bottle, then absolutely, it can happen quickly sometimes... if you define it as drinkable, well, that depends on your taste, different people have different bitterness tolerances so some people might consider it drinkable before it clears, and others like Fatbloke won't want to try till at least 6 months.
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