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  1. Default Long Time No See

    Hello everybody!

    It's been roughly 3 years since I've logged in here, though I have used the mead calculator a few times lol...

    I whipped up a batch of Oaked Orange Blossom Show Mead before I left for work two weeks ago (I'm working in the oil industry now, I work two weeks and then I'm home for one) and as I was sitting here wondering how my mead was doing I thought of this site.

    I eventually drank all the mead I made, some of it better than two years old, and decided that my favorites were the Oaked Orange Blossom Show Mead(listed in the brew log as Graduation Mead. I drank it all, even though I didn't graduate, but don't tell anybody!), and the Buckwheat Show Mead so I'm going to make a batch of each every year for a while, that should be enough to build up a bit of a stock pile of well aged mead.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

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    Three years and you remembered your login info? That's an achievement in and of itself.

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    Hey! I was wondering what edge of the planet you fell off.

    Congrats on the job. Travel kind of sucks but the week off sounds pretty nice.
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    Welcome back, dude! Glad you didn't entirely give up on us!!
    Na zdrowie!

    Wayne B.

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    Welcome back! Gee, time flies.

    Quote Originally Posted by ucflumberjack View Post
    (I'm working in the oil industry now...
    So you're not a lumberjack anymore?

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    (Past years are always better)

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    lol, no I'm not a lumberjack anymore. Entrepreneur is more fitting at the moment. I hate this job, but it's an easy way to accumulate capital and repair my credit so for the time being it will do just fine. Plus I have time to build a sales team while I'm home so I can eventually quit and be home full time.

    It took a couple tries on the login info.!

    Glad to see some familiar faces, cheers!

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