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    Default Got Mead Forum and Site Upgrades Coming This Year

    Just a heads up that Vicky and I are working on upgrades for the site and the forums. Consider this a heads up that if you have recipes, logs, discussions, etc that you just cannot live without . . . it's time to start backing them up from the site to your local storage.

    While we're confident that we won't lose any data, it is still a best practice to keep the things that resonate personally with your meadmaking style from this wonderful pool of information to your local storage.


    Pete "Oskaar" Bakulić
    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Well, the timing didn't work out the way I would have liked. Work, life and some issues surrounding the upgrade (we're making a *very* major version upgrade and data conversion is a bit of an issue there) got in the way the upgrades. Work is still progressing, but more slowly than anticipated.

    All upgrade testing is happening on a test server, and will not affect the live site. The plan (assuming all works out) is to only have the site down for a day, less if I can manage it. No hard date yet, as we're deep into the run-up for the 2013 Mazer Cup and kind of busy with that, but as soon as I have a date all y'all will know as soon as I decide.

    Vicky Rowe
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