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    Default Mead the the Wedding

    BrimmingHorn and I got married this weekend! Yay!!!

    And here we are...

    But I'm also writing 'cause I wanted to show you guys the mead we made for the wedding (We had two meads we made, an Irish Red Ale that he made, and plenty of DFH)

    The first is Weiss Frau, a Müller-Thurgau pyment with added Elderflowers

    The second is Donar's Blessing, a Cabernet Franc pyment aged on oak

    Beautiful, aren't they? Unfortunately guests got wine bottle happy and ended up taking most of the leftovers. We have 2 bottles of Donar's Blessing left to age, and perhaps 4 of the Weiss Frau. Most seemed to prefer the Donar's Blessing!
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    Awesome and Congrats!
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    Congratulations with Many Happy Returns of the Day!

    It looks like you had a lovely day, in one of Delaware's unbeatable State Parks?

    May your meads and your marriage age well!
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    Congrats :-)
    From the foaming mead-horns, with the choicest pure liquor,
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    Mead distilled sparkling, its praise is everywhere.
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    Bees stole my signature file!

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    Congrats! Both you and your meads look awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAlchemist View Post
    Congratulations with Many Happy Returns of the Day!

    It looks like you had a lovely day, in one of Delaware's unbeatable State Parks?

    May your meads and your marriage age well!
    Yes! It was at Trap Pond State Park!

    Thanks everybody!

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    Congrats! Best of luck to you both on your new adventure!
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    Ditto the sentiment of the others. Well done both, but with a tiny bit of jealousy.

    Cabernet Franc eh ?. We can't locate any source for those grapes, and for my preferred red wines I do enjoy the likes of St Emillion, Chateau Neuf du Pape, etc.

    So the closest I've managed is the Merlot and Tempranillo pyments that I pressed on Sunday and I started the Syrah/Shiraz pyment last night.

    Still, good on yer both.
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    Congrats! And remember mead for your honeymoon

    "In Celtic cultures, Mead was believed to enhance virility and fertility, while also contributing supposed aphrodisiac qualities. As a result, Mead quickly found its way into Irish wedding ceremonies. In fact, the term “honeymoon” is believed to have stemmed from the Irish tradition of newlyweds drinking honey wine everyday for one full moon (a month) after their weddings. Today, some Irish weddings still include a traditional Mead toast to the newlyweds as a fair tribute to times and well wishes of both old and new."

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    Many congratulations for a long and happy marriage!

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    "North, East, South, and West,
    offering you blessings wherever you go"

    Well done, you two look great and the setting is beautiful. Here is to a long and happy marriage. And I have to say your guests are quite lucky, anybody can buy wine for a wedding but few get to try mead from the bride and grooms own hand.
    The Key of Joy is disobedience

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    Default Congrats...

    ...wishing you both many happy years of love, luck and health.


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