Ok, I've got my JAOM going, it's a little over two weeks old now and I want to start a traditional. I don't know if I can make a traditional demi sec from the "gitgo"or if I'll simply need to let it go Death Valley dry (which reminds me that Alabama's playing LSU Saturday night! ) and then back sweeten.

I've been trying to figure a recipe for 3.2 gallons of traditional mead. I want to make a little over 3 gallons so that after losses for racking and testing there will still be enough to pretty much fill my 3-gallon carboy. Anyhow, what I'd like is semi dec and medium alcohol.

If I'm using the mead calculator correctly the recipe gives a SG of 1.108 and a %ABV of 14.13. After a lot of cyphering and figuring (had to take my tennis shoes off twice to add things up) here is my proposed plan/recipe...

9.6 pounds of honey
Water to finish out to 3.2 gallons or to bring the SG of the must up to 1.108
nutrients - to be determined by instructions that came with them
energizer - to be determined by instructions that came with them
1 packet of 71b-1122 yeast

My anticipated fermenting temperatures will be 66F-73F. I considered D47 but my temps I'm sure will get over 70F at times and I'm concerned about creating fusels.

Does this sound like the beginnings of a workable recipe? How do I figure what the FG should be when fermentation is finished? Would this finish out at 1.008?...slightly sweet?

Do I have a clue what I'm doing?