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  1. Default Kinda dont know what to do here...

    Hey everyone, kind of stuck and could use some outside input.

    First, Ive been brewing for 14 years and brew about once a year.

    Last weekend I did my largest brew to date but encoutered a problem im not sure what to do with. I brewed a hyper concentrated must with intetion to dilute with filtered water after. I have done this before with fine success.

    This time I have several smaller carboys with specific gravity ranging from 2.0 down to 1.3; most between 1.5 and 1.7 (I typically shoot for a sack mead with a starting SG of 1.27 to 1.32.) I was taught mead by a tasting method, not as reliable as I know, but I know that the batch I have at 1.3 does not taste NEAR sweet enough as to what it OUGHT to taste.

    Several brewing friends of mine are baffeled at the results and not sure what I should do. I am hoping someone on here can help? Should I stick to the science and dilute all to 1.3 (approx) or should I trust my taste buds and go with what I know tastes right before I pitch the yeast?

    Just an FYI, I am using White Labs Sweet Mead Yeast

    any input is appreciated. Thanks


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    I should add that at this point, nothing as been added to my must but Honey and Water. (I dont like adding spices of any sort like cloves of alspice) I have not checked the PH of the must, dont want to do this untill I am ready to pitch the yeast.

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    this may not be the most helpful but..

    Do you have notes is everything the same as previous type of honey yeast etc. Seeing as you have done this the same way before. I think you will need to go through and find the variables and people will better be able to help you.

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    Ok, first things first. Those numbers you are posting are not proper specific gravities for a mead must. Such gravities are typically within the range of 1.050 to 1.130.

    I think you're saying that you've got a batch at 1.130, and it does not taste as sweet as it should to you. Is that correct? If so, a couple things to do. First, test your hydrometer in plain old water. You should get a reading right near 1.000. I say near, because temperature does have an effect on the reading; most of them are calibrated to be used at 60 or 70 degrees I believe. If you're showing a reading other than 1.000 here, make note of what it is so that you can correct your must reading by that amount. Then, re-measure the gravity of your must.

    If you read water at 1.000, and your must shows as 1.130, guess what? Your specific gravity is 1.130. Your taste buds appear to be malfunctioning; wait a week and you'll have new ones.
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    If you've been diluting by taste, does the base honey by itself taste about the same as you are used to, and are you using the same water source? Not sure what else might have thrown off, other than your sense of taste and perhaps you misread your volumes when diluting?
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