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    Default Is there an Android App?

    I can't find one in the play store when I search for got mead, but when I logged on with my phone, it said there was one available.
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    And it works really well. :thumbup:

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    And there's an HHD version in beta for tablets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by browncoats View Post
    And there's an HD version in beta for tablets.

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    Which I am still figuring out how to use. Sorry for the double post.

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    There are many popular apps which are similar for this one. some of the top apps are:

    • Elixr: Free (iOS & Android)
    • Any Beer ABV: Free (iOS & Android)
    • BeerAdvocate: Free (iOS & Android)
    • Pintley: Free (iOS & Android)
    • BeerMenus: Free (iOS & Android)

    According to the research, mostly users are used these smartphone apps across the world especially in Western countries.

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