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  1. Default Does Cyser Typically ferment faster than traditional meads and melnomels?

    I recently started up a batch of cyser, and it is fermenting super fast. OG started at 1.118 and is down to 1.073 two days later. This is at least twice as fast as my typical ferments.

    1)Is this typical of cysers?
    2)If so, is this a result of some additional nutrients in apples that are extra-beneficial for yeast?
    3)Will a rapid fermentation cause any problems in the cyser down the line?

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    I don't follow my mead gravities. But I've started two cysers and both have fermented strongly via the airlocks

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    If you search about cycers in this forum, you will find many people report that there is something about the apple juice that really kicks the yeast into high gear.

    So your answer to 1 and 2 is Yes, and it seams so, but we are not sure what it is.

    To answer #3, as LoveofRose says often, fast, clean ferments are the way to go. Make sure you keep the nutrients at the right levels, your temps are in the right range and that your pH stays near the sweet spot, it won't cause problems.

    If you have more questions, please follow the directions in the forum headings and post your recipe and I am sure someone here will have advice.

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    One thing to keep an eye on with fast ferments is the temperature. Heat is generated as the sugar is converted to alcohol, and the faster that reaction goes the hotter your mead gets (less time for heat to shed into the atmosphere). If your mead gets too hot, you can generate some byproducts like fusels that are not very desirable.

    I have anecdotally found that the meads I make at cooler temperatures, which take longer to ferment, are ready to drink sooner. I'm not sure they are any better after say 2 years, but at 6 months they are much smoother. I've had batches that take 10-14 days at around 70 F which will take 20-40 days at 60 F.
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