Hi all!

Happy Holidays, and I hope everyone will have a joy-filled (and mead-filled) holiday season!

I have gotten several emails from Gotmeaders asking about gifting patron memberships to people they care about. So I thought I'd let you know how to do it, if you are considering it.

If you wish to give a gift of patron or premium patron membership to someone, purchase it through the membership here: http://www.gotmead.com/forum/payments.php, and when you get to the information page for payment, put 'gift for xyz' in the user id field, and I will make sure that that member receives your gift. Since I personally eyeball every membership, and hand send every welcome letter, you can rest comfortably knowing I got your back and that your gift will be delivered.

If you want the membership to be anonymous, drop me an email and let me know, and their welcome email will read 'You have been given an anonymous gift'. If you want to have your name in there, again, just drop me an email and their welcome letter will read 'XYZ has gifted you a membership'. If you want me to use your real name instead of your username here, just tell me.

Only one catch: I am offline December 23 to vacation for the holiday week with my family, and will not be back until December 30, so if you were thinking about giving the gift of Gotmead, now is the time!!

I'll be checking email until late on December 22, and sending out welcome letters until then.

Happy Holidays, Gotmeaders, and we'll see you in 2014!