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    I tried a mead with buckwheat honey (2.5 lbs), maraschino cherries (1 lb), and the maraschino juice (about 2 cups) and it isn't fermenting. I gave it about 10 days, checked the gravity and no movement so I added another package of yeast (Lalvin EC-111 thinking maybe it was just a bad packet, but still nothing. So now I'm wondering if I had two bad packets of yeast or if there's something in maraschino cherries or their juice that is the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Maraschino cherries, being canned and processed have potassium sorbate in them as part of the preservatives used to keep them fresh. Sorbate will not allow your yeast to reproduce.

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    Thanks, I'll know better next time. Is the any way to salvage this batch or am I stuck with something fit for the kids?

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    If you have not dumped this, then you can perhaps make a starter. Gradually add must to the starter and you may be in luck. Search for "acclimated starter".

    Might need to hit your must with potassium metabisultite to kill any non-yeast bug that may be attempting a foothold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicole1288 View Post
    The preservative is only a worry during the ferment, as it "doesn't"...... so if you wanted to add the cherry flavour with steeping the fruit after the ferment is done, or see if you can obtain cherry juice, you could back sweeten/flavour with that as well.......

    Oh and maraschino cherries are the ones that are candied for use with cakes etc, while it seems (anecdotal), that sour cherries are better for brewing........
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