I have recently tried shopping around for some hard to find ingredients in Europe and was trying some online shops out. I tried a website called 'Dicountbrew.co.uk' and it seems that this company shares some of its services with a larger company called 'Goodlife Homebrew' (www.goodlifehomebrew.com). They are, however, separate companies. Yet when I paid for my goods, the invoice I received told me to take my complaints to Goodlife Homebrew. I guess Discount Brew (or Goodlife?) did not change this feature. So my questions were mistakenly directed to the wrong company. if you are confused at this point the reason is that it IS confusing.
I tried contacting Goodlife Homebrew (the wrong company) by email but all of their email addresses were not working and I got postmaster notifications that sending failed. I finally tracked down Goodlife on facebook and sent them a message. Te following is an exact copy of our little conversation:

Conversation started February 17
Brandon Grech
I would like to inquire what has happened to the items I have ordered 3 weeks ago. I would not have thought shipping form the UK should take this long. I tried contacting through email but all 3 email adresses provided are not working.
The reference for my transaction is 20140124120538-10847-

Goodlife Homebrew
Sorry, you are not a customer of goodlife.
Good luck
Customers for discount brew should log onto their customer account for an update. Goodlife only talks to it's own customers that pay premium rates for our time ands services.

Brandon Grech
wow that's good customer service. You should know that neither email works on your website. you have 3 email addresses and none work

Goodlife Homebrew
If you want service, use Goodlife and pay the price that service demands. Even answering emails at 3:30. Don't pay 99p land prices and expect Harrods service.
p.s. we are not discount brew and so cannot comment on their orders, but as I said earlier customers for discount brew should log onto their customer account for an update and history of any order.