Mead Free or Die is now an international mead only competition for both amateurs and professional mead makers. Taking place on August 16 & 17th in Nashua New Hampshire. Both competitions are registered with the BJCP and we will be judged using the BJCP style guidelines.

Here's the 2011 winners, 2010 winners, and 2009 winners competition!

The home competition is structured to award medals for each of the BJCP Mead subcategories, and best of show, and a club of the year, a total of 29 awards. The professional competition is geared in a similar fashion, but will reward meadery of the year, to the meadery earning the most medals.

The proceeds from this competition are going to help fund the American Mead Makers Association efforts to improve the rules around the formulations, and labeling requirements.

This years competition will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua NH, where we have secured a block of rooms at $98 per night.

Our first year we had entrants from 18 states with a total of 168 entries, meaning that our goal to join the growing list of other Mead Only competitions has been reached! Having given away thousands of dollars in prizes. We strive to provide you a place where your mead will be evaluated by judges who can provide you with valuable information on how to improve your mead making skills.

This competition will be organized by Moonlight Meadery and Sap House Meadery, both organizations are doing this to help the industry, and will not have entries in the running. New Hampshire has more meaderies per capita than any other state in the nation!

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