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    Default "More than half of Ontario bees died during harsh winter"

    The CBC reports that More than half of Ontario bees died during harsh winter. Which may explain why I'm having trouble finding reasonably priced honey. If neonics are a contributing factor, it may be a few years before the population can rebound, given the speed of legislation.

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    The price of honey down here in the US keeps going up and up. One sign of imported honey is a to good to be true price...
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    Those beekeepers have to make enough money to replace those lost bee colonies, you might not know but the price of bees is steeply climbing also due to this past winter and there were not enough bees to go around this spring as the weather reached deep into the queen breeding and package making areas of the south. If another horrible winter comes this season you might look upon this years prices as exceptionally reasonable! WVMJ

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    At least we're going in the right direction and doing something about the neonicotinoids. They may not be the entire problem, but getting rid of them may be part of a solution.

    Of course, we had a really crappy winter, too.
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    I sure wish the US would ban neonicotinoids. Too many politicians getting too many bribes, it'd be a miracle were it to happen.
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