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    Default Aethina tumida (small hive beetle) in EU

    Bad news for beekeepers in EU !

    Sorry but this is the first notification, of the first outbreak we received in our association. Shortly after we received another notification, of a second outbrake, more or less near the first one.

    De: []
    Enviada: quinta-feira, 18 de Setembro de 2014 12:20
    Assunto: ITALY '37 Small hive beetle infestation (Aethina tumida)' - Primary disease notification

    Country of origin
    Small hive beetle infestation (Aethina tumida)
    Serial number of outbreak (year/number)
    Type of outbreak (primary '1' or secondary '2')
    Region affected
    Traces LVU code
    01118 - A.S.P. Reggio Calabria

    Origin of disease : Unknown - investigation continuing

    Control measures :
    - 31 DEST BURN
    - 50 MOVE CONTRL
    - 51 MOVE TRACNG

    Date of suspicion of disease on holding (day/month/year) : 05/09/2014
    Date of confirmation of disease on holding (day/month/year) : 12/09/2014

    Number of animals
    Number of susceptible animals on holding
    - for diseases of bees, number of susceptible hives : 3
    Number of animals affected on holding
    - for diseases of bees, number of susceptible hives : 3
    Number of animals that have died of the disease on holding
    Number of animals killed on holding
    Number of carcasses destroyed or rendered
    - for diseases of bees, number of destroyed hives : 3

    Date of dispatch (day/month/year) : 18/09/2014
    Time of dispatch (24-hour clock) : 13:15

    Comments : Aethina Tumida was isolated in three nuclei put in place in close proximity of Gioa Tauro's harbour, for research purposes by the University of agriculture of Reggio Calabria.
    Outbreak location on the map

    the location of the outbreak is not exact for privacy and protection of data reasons. The coordinates have been reduced to 2 digits after the comma so that the location shown on the map is not the exact location of the holding affected.

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    Unfortunate. Dastardly little black bugs. If you guys figure out how to stop them let us know. WVMJ

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