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  1. Default How long can I leave this sit?

    Hello everyone, I just got hooked on the idea of making mead for my cousins for Christmas next year, and so for the time being I'm going to try out Joe's Ancient Orange Mead. What I'd like to do is just start it, and leave it sit until probably November of next year before bottling. I've done tons of reading and I know that most people say if you let this age 6 months to a year it's better - but no one's ever said if they're aging in bottles or aging in a carboy. So I was just wondering if the oranges would spoil or anything if I just let everything mellow for a year or if I need to rack it into another carboy after a few months. Also, does it need to be in the dark? I plan on brewing in my basement but there's a small window across from where I want to put it, so I didn't know if that would affect it.

    Thanks, I'm really excited about trying this out! Waiting for my first set of supplies to show - they were supposed to be here by end of today but it's 7:30 and nothing ever showed...


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    Once the fruit sinks either rack it into another carboy for bulk aging (makes for more consistent aging) or just bottle it now and set it away till next year.
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    Okay! I'm so excited to start this stuff - and UPS just dropped off my carboys and other equipment! Yay! And now that I know to rack it or bottle - Maybe I'll start something else after....I might try Skeeter Pee next! Thanks!

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    Hey Honeyhog - also, do I need to still use a water airlock once I rack into another carboy, or should I just plug it or cap it? I bought some screw on caps in addition to plugs with predrilled holes, but I don't want an explosion! I know that the yeast should be dead by then, but I thought I'd double check! Thanks again!

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    Once you rack to secondary, you are definitely going to want an "S" or 3-piece airlock on it. For one thing, it may decide to begin fermenting again. For another, you need to let the built-up CO2 escape. For yet another, you... well, okay... it just looks really cool. <ggg>

    I'd recommend against trying skeeter pee for a little while. Its tough because of the pH. I made a batch and it came out okay, but in hindsight, I'd much rather have a gallon of aged 13% traditional mead. <g>

    But if you DO make the Skeeter Pee, have no fear... it'll come out just as its supposed to. The guy who came up with the recipe did a bang-up job. He's a bit touchy about what you can and can't do but, hey, its his recipe. <grin>

    Good luck,

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    Thanks Joe - I may just stick with the JOAM for a while - I'm really hoping to start a Christmas Tradition! How long can I leave in secondary with the airlock though? Till I'm ready to bottle in November? I just don't want to waste a whole year and have it turn out bad! I'm assuming since it is an airlock - it won't hurt to just leave it on and filled until I'm ready to bottle.

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    It will be fine under airlock for a year or even more just make sure the airlock never dries up. They should be checked once a month or so.
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    Just keep water in your air lock and make sure it is properly seated in the carboy and you can let it stay in the carboy and improving for a long time.
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    I'm finding so many recipes I want to try now! Need to get a few of these under my belt first! Thanks everyone!

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    For the record, I did a cranberry JAO variation where I left the fruit in for 6 months or a year.

    And actually I've got another one (another JAO variant) downstairs right now that's probably had the fruit in for a year too. Yeah, a year and three months... I should really get to that...

    I'd still recommend racking it once the fruit sinks though. Less chance of something unpleasant happening.
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