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    I've followed the BOMM recipe pretty liberally for 5 gallons and noticed that my OG was pretty low for what others were saying they were starting at, around 1.072. I attribute that to foolishly not accounting for the 2000ml starter. So all in all I have about 5.5-5.75 gal of mead with 12 lbs of honey. I think that puts me at about 8.14% abv, but I really want to get more alcohol content out of my batch without making it sickeningly sweet. At this point, I've just passed my 2/3 sugar break and added the DAP, ferm K, and potassium carbonate, though according to my ph test strips, I think my level is a bit too low @ ~3.0. As of yesterday, my gravity was reading 1.036 @ 68 F.

    Is it too late to increase my predicted alcohol content without making it too sweet? What can I do? All the info i've read so far indicates adding honey at this point will more less back sweeten my batch. If I do add any more honey, will this create any nutrient problems for my yeasties if I rack it to secondary sooner rather than later? I'm trying to have this ready by Valetine's day.

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    Confirm the pH and if it is that low, you should probably bring it up to 3.4.

    You can wait until it is dry, then you can add honey 0.5-1.0 pound at a time, letting it ferment dry in between additions. Using another 2.5 pounds of honey should have you in the 11-12% ABV range which works well. If you want it sweeter, you can keep adding until the yeast poop out. This process is known as "step feeding." It can sometimes produce some harsh results that may take a little more time to age out.

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