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    Default Does honey (and honey wine maybe?) contribute to longevity?

    This article is very long, but seems like an historical review of the health benefits of honey. Could it be that honey wine might contribute to longevity? Has anyone studied the longevity of beekeepers? Brother Adam was 98 years old when he died. Having just visited my cardiologist (things are fine following my aortic valve replacement 2 years ago), this raises some interesting issues.....

    Parr’s grandfather, a native of Bedfordshire, died in his 100th year. At the age of 85, he had a complete set of new teeth and his snowy hair became darker (Philosophical Transactions, Vol. XXIII). It was recorded of Parr that he was very fond of metheglin (honey wine).

    Piast, the beekeeper, who was elected King of Poland in 824 A.D. and whose family ruled Poland for several centuries with the greatest glory, lived to the age of 120. That he indulged in honey and mead is proven by the contemporary legends.
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