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    Quote Originally Posted by Medsen Fey View Post
    OK...!! We need recipe details for ancient egyptian inspired meads.
    He says, "Palm fruit, dates, chamomile, gesho, thyme, African honey and a very unique yeast." He keeps everything in his head so there isn't a log.

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    I got two silver cups this year to add to my nice collection. One in Dry Melomel (other), another in Semi-sweet Melomel (Berry). Cheers!

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    Congrats to everyone! Maybe one year I'll get there too!
    "The main ingredient needed is 'time' followed closely by 'patience'." - The Bishop 2013
    "When you consider that laziness and procrastination are the fundamentals of great mead, it is a miracle that the mazer cup happens." Medsen Fey, 2014
    "Sure it can be done. I've never heard of it, but I do things I've never heard if all the time. That is the beauty of being a brewer!" - Loveofrose, 2014
    "I tend, er, experiment, and go outside the box. Sometimes outside the whole department store." - Ebonhawk, 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by danr View Post
    ... I look forward to receiving my scoresheet ...
    I received my (2) scoresheets today in the mail today. It is really neat to get such good quality feedback; the only other people to ever drink my mead are family and friends, and their comments are much more general and less impartial.

    The scores were 42 (Bouquet/Aroma-8/10, Appearance 6/6, Flavor 19/24, Overall Impression 9/10) and 40 (8/10, 6/6, 18/24, 8/10).

    The main recommendation in both was that just a bit more honey may have helped bring forward even more of the Tupelo quality.

    The only thing I am still curious about is how many entries there were in the category I entered. I expect that some categories are more competitive than others and I have no sense of how these scores generally compare. I was really just looking forward to the feedback, but I would be curious to know if I was 3rd out of 3 entries or if I really did get unusually lucky with this batch.

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    With a 42 your mead was good. Not good, but excellent according to the scoring criteria.

    I agree it would be nice to know how many entries in each category, cause if you don't take 1st any competition narrows to a contest just within your category. Many other contests reveal the counts.

    You made a great mead, without a doubt.

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    I think in the Mazer its judged on points not against each other, so if a category has only 1 entry and it doesnt make the points its not going to get a medal just for being the only entry, also if they have 100 entries and none make the points they wont give a medal just because there are 100 entries, something like that. WVMJ

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    Unique yeast? Did he culture it from his beard?
    Bees stole my signature file!

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