Hey guys!

I'm updating, expanding and creating new toys for the site. One of the things we've had for a while, but I don't think a lot of people know about is the internal blog here. If you are a patron member (you can become a patron here), you have a blog on the GotMead Forum.

You can use this to:
  • document your recipe progress
  • talk about your meadery startup
  • ramble on about whatever you like
  • etc., etc., etc.

You can learn more here on how to use the blog function and be able to ramble to your hearts content right here on Gotmead, in the bosom of your Gotmead buds.

So get out there, and blab about that fantastic chocolate mead you've been working on, or brag about your gold medal for your trashberry melomel, or just toss up pix on your new brewspace, or the batch you pitched when your child was born. Enjoy!

Vicky - off to disappear back into the shadows of the back end of GM, because (shhh, it's a secret) I'm moving GM into Wordpress and working on a NEW RADIO SHOW